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Why save all of the best wisdom and career advice for college students on their LAST DAY before they graduate? What if we asked the Oprah Winfreys and Warren Buffetts of the world to share career advice with students eight years earlier on DAY ONE of high school? Students would have more time to explore, make mistakes, and actually implement their advice.  That's what Day One Commencement is all about.  


  • Worked in radio industry for 10 years

  • Promoted twice & led training for staff of 25

  • Managed sponsorship sales for Grammy Awards

  • Chosen to run company's summer internship program

  • Selected to lead the hiring of recent college graduates

  • Saw up close the skills college graduates were missing 

  • Realized that these skills were not being taught in classrooms or internships and felt compelled to do something about it through founding an organization called Hire Cause.

  • Noticed that we were also saving some of the greatest wisdom and career advice from society's greatest role models for the last day of college.  Felt compelled to reverse the order and focus on DAY ONE.  

David Dvorkin

Founder, Hire Cause

Founder, Day One Commencement

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